Mrvan: Week in Review 3/20-3/24

As this session of the General Assembly nears completion, state legislators have been working diligently to advance significant proposals through the process. Lawmakers are working long hours to get major initiatives through both chambers as crucial committee deadlines loom. Joint House-Senate conference committees will begin soon. When the two chambers disagree on a bill’s content, [...]

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Mrvan: Week in Review March 13-17

Lawmakers are in the midst of making crucial revisions to more than 360 proposals that survived out of over 1,200 introduced in January. Committee activities dominate session schedules as senators consider bills already approved by the House of Representatives and stay abreast of Senate initiatives under House review. Amended legislation must return to its house [...]

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Mrvan: Week in Review 3/6-3/10

As the General Assembly moves into the second half of this year’s legislative session, proposals housing a two-year state budget plan, road funding and an expansion of the state’s prekindergarten pilot program are now under Senate review. Senate-approved bills dealing with various issues including the state’s opioid crisis, civil forfeiture, E-liquids and net metering are [...]

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Mrvan: Week in Review 2/27-3/2

  Lawmakers pushed through mid-session deadlines this week completing work on bills that gained approval in their house of origin. Moving forward, the Senate and House of Representatives will begin deliberations on each other’s bills. Legislation approved by both chambers will proceed to the Governor for final review. There were 570 Senate bills introduced in [...]

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Senate approves legislation altering judicial bypass law

  INDIANAPOLIS –Today the Indiana Senate approved Senate (SB) Bill 404, which drastically alters the state’s judicial bypass law. State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) offered the following statements upon the legislature’s passage of the bill: “In 1982 the Indiana General Assembly passed a judicial bypass procedure for young women under 18 who are seeking an [...]

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Lanane encouraged by statewide pre-K, seeks additional funding

INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday, Senate Democrat Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) released the following statement after the passage of a scaled-back version of the prekindergarten expansion proposal by a vote of 41-9. “In the end, this is not a perfect solution to the early childhood education shortfalls that we are experiencing in this state. “With that [...]

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Breaux warns of costly lawsuit on newest abortion restriction proposal

INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday, Assistant Democrat Leader Jean D. Breaux (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement after the passage of a controversial abortion proposal that would require parental consent of a minor seeking an abortion. Senate Bill (SB) 404 was approved by the Senate by a vote of 36-13 and will now move to the House [...]

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Melton school debt proposal approved by Senate

INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday, a proposal authored by State Senator Luke Kenley and co-authored by State Senator Eddie Melton (D-Merrillville) was approved by the Senate unanimously. Senate Bill (SB) 196 comes as a response to Standard and Poor, a national credit rating agency, threatening to downgrade Indiana’s school bond rating due to the state’s current [...]

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Indiana Senate passes peculiar prekindergarten expansion

INDIANAPOLIS –Today the Indiana Senate approved Senate Bill (SB) 276, which includes language for a prekindergarten (pre-K) expansion. State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) offered the following statements upon the legislation’s passage: “Currently, the state spends $10 million for pre-K programs in only five of the ninety-two counties in our state. SB 276 increases the funding [...]

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