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Civil Rights |The Senate Democratic Caucus has proposed clear legislative language that adds sexual orientation and gender identity to Indiana’s Civil Rights statutes and believes that all Hoosiers should be protected in the simplest, strongest fashion possible. Read more about the Senate Democratic plan to protect all Hoosiers here>>

Funding solutions for local roads and bridges| The American Society of Civil Engineers graded Indiana’s infrastructure at a D+. Senate Democrats have proposed a plan to direct $245 Million to local roads now and creates $250M Local Road Improvement Incentive Plan. Read more about Senate Bill 338 and the proposal to provide local governments with long-term solutions to address their infrastructure>>

Working families| With more Hoosiers than ever back to work, Indiana still has an income problem. Legislative proposals have been offered not only to increase wages of working families, but provide access to programs that aim improve the financial flexibility of working families and allow more Hoosiers to work toward self-sufficiency. This session, Senate Democrats have offered a legislative package to support workers across the state. Read more here>>

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