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Road Funding | Indiana Republicans seek to further burden working Hoosiers by increasing gas taxes and vehicle registration fees while providing tax cuts for large corporations. Senate Democrats don’t think Hoosiers should have to pay for Republicans’ mistakes. Road funding is an important and complex issue, learn more about how Indiana funds its roads here>>

Working families | With more Hoosiers than ever back to work, Indiana still has an income problem. Indiana Senate Democrats have offered legislation to study the implementation of a stronger Family and Medical Leave program in Indiana to help Hoosier families efficiently and thoroughly cope with life events such as births, personal illnesses or illnesses of family members. Read more here>>

Hoosier youth | Hoosier children are the future of the state of Indiana and the Senate Democratic Caucus is dedicated to providing youth a solid foundation for a successful future. Expanding the state’s prekindergarten pilot program and creating more opportunities for child care are just a few of the Senate Democrats plans to protect Hoosier youth.  Read more here>>

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