Op-Ed: Melton believes revenue forecast shows room for strategic investment

Yesterday, the Indiana Budget Committee met to receive the updated revenue estimates provided in December of 2016 by the Revenue Technical Forecast Committee. These projected revenues are used to determine the revenue available to fund the state’s biennial budget. The state’s combined balances act as a safety net in the case of an economic downturn, [...]

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Tallian responds to updated, positive revenue forecast

INDIANAPOLIS – Today the Indiana Budget Committee met to receive an update pertaining to the projected revenues for the state’s biennial budget. The Revenue Technical Forecast Committee updated members of the legislature regarding the forecast they compiled in December 2016. State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) is a member of the State Budget Committee and participated [...]

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Niezgodski: Gaming bill unfairly targets South Bend

INDIANAPOLIS –House Bill (HB) 1350 was approved by the Senate in a vote of 28-20 on Thursday. HB 1350 pertains to taxation on gaming, specifically dealing with casinos and riverboats across Indiana.  HB 1350, authored by Representative Todd Huston (D-Fishers), would change the way in which casinos and riverboats are taxed. Currently, a $3 admission tax [...]

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Senate approves South Shore Line funding program

INDIANAPOLIS – House Bill (HB) 1144 was approved unanimously by the Senate on Thursday. This bill is a huge win for Northwest Indiana, as it paves the way for transit development of the entire South Shore Line, from Illinois to South Bend. HB 1144, authored by Representative Harold Slager and sponsored by Senators Tallian, Melton, [...]

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Taylor: Tax fairness up for a vote in the Senate

INDIANAPOLIS – Today the Indiana Senate passed House Bill (HB) 1002 legislation hiking taxes to fund infrastructure improvements in the state. State Senator Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) issued the following statement regarding his vote. “No one argues that we shouldn’t be doing something to address our state’s crumbling infrastructure. I travel the streets in my [...]

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Transportation funding advances in Senate, still work to do

INDIANAPOLIS –Today the Indiana Senate passed House Bill (HB) 1002, a long-term road funding bill. State Senator Karen Tallian (D-Portage) supported the measure on the floor, as it passed out of the Senate. “The bill approved today significantly differs from the language that came from the House. Although, not perfect, I supported the measure, as [...]

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Randolph: Indiana should raise minimum wage, not taxes

INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday House Bill (HB) 1002, a measure to increase infrastructure funding, was approved by the full Senate. State Senator Lonnie M. Randolph (D-East Chicago) released the following statement on the bill’s passage. “Senate Republicans want to raise taxes on working Hoosiers to pay for roads in Indiana while continuing to cut corporate [...]

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Lanane: Infrastructure funding proposal has a long way to go in tax fairness, local road funding

INDIANAPOLIS – On Tuesday, Senate Democrat Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) issued the following statement after the passage of House Bill (HB) 1002, a major infrastructure proposal that would increase gasoline taxes, increase several other motor vehicle fees and allow the governor to begin tolling on some of Indiana’s interstate highways in an effort to raise [...]

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House committee approves amended Gary schools proposal

INDIANAPOLIS – On the verge of committee report deadlines, a proposal co-authored by State Senator Eddie Melton (D-Merrillville) was approved with amendments by the House Ways and Means Committee on Monday. Senate Bill (SB) 567 was amended to include Muncie Community Schools, along with the Gary Community School Corporation (GCSC), as a distressed political subdivision. [...]

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Two proposals unanimously approved, successful day for freshman legislator

INDIANAPOLIS – On Wednesday, two proposals offered by freshman legislator, State Senator Eddie Melton (D-Merrillville), were unanimously approved. Senate Bill (SB) 475 would require the State Board of Education to amend its rule stating that developmental delay is a disability only identifiable for students between the ages of three and five years. It would change [...]

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