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All bills that have been approved by both chambers now await a signature on the desk of Governor Eric Holcomb. This week, vote on whether or not the governor should sign these enrolled acts into law. View SEA 404

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SB 309 makes drastic changes to the relationships between those who supply electricity and those who consume it. Traditionally, and in most cases in Indiana, the supplier of electricity is a utility company. However, a growing trend in state businesses, homes, schools, and religious groups is to produce enough electricity through renewable sources to then sell excess energy to utility companies. This practice is known as net metering, and generates some income that aids in offsetting the tremendous cost of renewable energy devices.


Constituent Yays: 117

Constituent Nays: 679

Session Roll Call Yays: 37

Session Roll Call Nays: 11

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Constituent Yays: 394

Constituent Nays: 382

Session Roll Call Yays: 36

Session Roll Call Nays: 13