INDIANAPOLIS— This morning, the Senate Corrections and Criminal Law Committee unanimously passed SB 415, authored by Senator Rodney Pol (D-Chesterton). The legislation prohibits law enforcement from knowingly providing false statements or information to children during an interrogation. The legislation was also amended in committee to add a requirement for law enforcement to make a reasonable attempt to contact the parents of a child who has been arrested or taken into custody. Senator Pol made the following statement:

“Protecting our children includes protecting them in interactions with law enforcement. The Corrections Committee heard expert testimony that explained how children can be easily influenced in these settings, especially when provided with false information. While I don’t believe that law enforcement frequently engages in providing false information to children, any time it does happen is harmful to children, their future, their family, and the justice system. That’s why this bipartisan bill protects kids and ensures that parents are contacted if their child is taken into custody. I’d like to thank Senator Freeman, Senator Taylor, and Rep. Boy for co-authoring this legislation with me. I’m committed to getting this legislation signed into law.”