On Monday, the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) jointly denied utility companies’ request to raise rates for lost revenue and extended the utility disconnection moratorium until mid-August. Assistant Senate Minority Leader Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis) applauded the IURC’s decision as compassionate and necessary for the livelihoods of working Hoosiers. Sen. Breaux had previously sent a letter to IURC Chairman Tim Huston urging the commission to extend the shut-off moratorium.

“This decision is a win for all working Hoosier families,” Sen. Breaux said. “I applaud the IURC for doing the right thing in this matter. Many families are still struggling to make ends meet as this pandemic continues to disrupt our economy and health care system. There is still a long road to recovery ahead, and folks need to be sure that they can be safe inside their homes without fear of losing power or water.

“It has also been clear that COVID-19 has hit low-income, minority populations especially hard. The data shows that these black and brown Hoosiers are contracting COVID-19 and dying of the virus at much higher rates. These communities are struggling during this pandemic, and allowing utility companies to raise rates or disconnect houses would have forced even more hardship onto these families.

“Thank you to the IURC for a smart and compassionate decision. And thank you to all those who sent in your comments and shared your voices. We must do all we can to lift up Hoosiers during this trying time.”