INDIANAPOLIS—On Thursday, the U.S. Senate cast a historic vote confirming Ketanji Brown-Jackson as the next Supreme Court justice. Brown-Jackson will be the first Black woman ever to serve on the Supreme Court. State Senator Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement:


“I am incredibly moved by today’s confirmation of Justice Brown-Jackson, one of the most eminently qualified and experienced nominees America has ever seen. Justice Brown-Jackson has served as a Supreme Court clerk, a public defender and as a judge on the D.C. District Court and the U.S. Court of Appeals. Her legal record is a history of compassion, integrity and fairness. This historic step, though long overdue, is meaningful both for our nation and for Black women in America, whose struggles, brilliance and determination are often overlooked or undermined as they pursue their ambitions. I’m thrilled to have her perspective on our highest court and I’m excited to see her thoughtful and deliberative approach applied to future cases. Justice Brown-Jackson’s confirmation is a historic moment that will give all little girls of color someone to aspire to and admire.


“Thank you to all the Senators who cast their vote for a Justice who will bring experience, integrity and progress to the Court—I am disappointed to see Senators Braun and Young were not among them. Most Hoosiers in our state don’t want politics in places like our Supreme Court. The fact that our Indiana senators couldn’t set aside party politics to confirm the most qualified nominee in our generation is just another stain on our state’s reputation. However, it does not dampen the excitement that millions of Hoosiers and Americans feel during this historic occasion. The future of our country just became a little brighter, and I look forward to seeing Justice Brown-Jackson advocate for all American citizens on the Supreme Court.”