Act to expand educational opportunities for veterans signed by governor

INDIANAPOLIS—Today, House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1047 was signed by Governor Eric Holcomb. State Senator Frank Mrvan (D-Hammond), a co-sponsor of the bill, was present at the bill signing. HEA 1047 stipulates that financial benefits received by a student for serving in the military may not be taken into account as income when determining the student’s [...]

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Mrvan excuse-free absentee voting bill approved by Senate

INDIANAPOLIS—On Monday, a proposal authored by State Senator Frank Mrvan (D-Hammond) which allows Indiana voters to vote by absentee ballot without an excuse, as previously required, was been approved by the Senate by a vote of 39-10. “Expanding voter access will allow Hoosier voices to be heard,” Sen. Mrvan said. “This bill would do just that, [...]

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Senate Democrats announce 2018 session agenda

INDIANAPOLIS—On Thursday, Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) and members of the Indiana Senate Democratic Caucus presented their legislative priorities for the 2018 session. The Senate Democrats’ INvision 20/20 plan sets caucus goals to reach by 2020. These goals were developed by listening to Hoosiers across the state who feel disconnected from their state government. [...]

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Mrvan: Week in Review 3/20-3/24

As this session of the General Assembly nears completion, state legislators have been working diligently to advance significant proposals through the process. Lawmakers are working long hours to get major initiatives through both chambers as crucial committee deadlines loom. Joint House-Senate conference committees will begin soon. When the two chambers disagree on a bill’s content, [...]

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Mrvan: Week in Review March 13-17

Lawmakers are in the midst of making crucial revisions to more than 360 proposals that survived out of over 1,200 introduced in January. Committee activities dominate session schedules as senators consider bills already approved by the House of Representatives and stay abreast of Senate initiatives under House review. Amended legislation must return to its house [...]

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Mrvan: Week in Review 3/6-3/10

As the General Assembly moves into the second half of this year’s legislative session, proposals housing a two-year state budget plan, road funding and an expansion of the state’s prekindergarten pilot program are now under Senate review. Senate-approved bills dealing with various issues including the state’s opioid crisis, civil forfeiture, E-liquids and net metering are [...]

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Mrvan: Week in Review 2/27-3/2

  Lawmakers pushed through mid-session deadlines this week completing work on bills that gained approval in their house of origin. Moving forward, the Senate and House of Representatives will begin deliberations on each other’s bills. Legislation approved by both chambers will proceed to the Governor for final review. There were 570 Senate bills introduced in [...]

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Mrvan mental health education proposal passes Senate

INDIANAPOLIS— On Monday, a proposal authored by State Senator Frank Mrvan (D-Hammond) that would include mental health awareness in the Indiana health education curricula and establish mental health wellness education program was approved by a vote of 26-23 by the full Senate. “In 2015, 55 teens committed suicide which means Indiana leads the nation in [...]

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Melton, Mrvan dismantle long term payday loan bill

INDIANAPOLIS – On Thursday, State Senators Eddie Melton (D-Merriville) and Frank Mrvan (D-Hammond) worked together to defeat Senate Bill (SB) 245 in the Senate Insurance and Finance Committee. Similar forms of the bill have been offered in the past and failed to move out of committee. During SB 245’s testimony, faith-based organizations and consumer advocacy groups [...]

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Week in review: education update

The following bills on education issues have gained Senate approval and proceed to the House for its review: SB 29 (Vote: 47-3) Requires schools to provide an elective course on Indiana studies. If fewer than 15 students enroll in the course, the school may offer the course as an independent study course. SB 30 (Vote: [...]

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