INDIANAPOLIS—Today, Indiana Republicans’ near-total abortion ban went into effect. The restrictive policy, passed as Senate Enrolled Act 1, is so limited that even rape and incest victims are banned from accessing care after 10 weeks.

Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement:

“This is a sad day for the people of Indiana,” Sen. Taylor said. “Under the Republican policy that went into effect today, Hoosier women have been demoted to second-class citizens, deemed unfit to make medical decisions for themselves and all but branded as the official property of the state. Their bodies are no longer their own, their choices are no longer their own, and their futures are no longer their own. Women in Indiana can no longer make private decisions about their healthcare and futures with their loved ones, faith leaders, doctors and counselors—their options have been eliminated by the excessive majority in our Statehouse.

“Now, at the will of Indiana Republicans, women and young girls who have been raped will be forced to carry that pregnancy if they discover their pregnancy at 11 weeks instead of 10 weeks. Keep in mind that 1 in 7 women who are raped become pregnant. How many mothers in abusive relationships, young girls still playing with dolls, terrified women trying to recover, will have their lives further derailed after the worst tragedy of their life because of the Republicans in our state?

“I’m even more sickened when I think about the fact that this policy was pushed through the Legislature in just two weeks under the guise of providing aid to Hoosiers. We called a special session to endanger the lives of women by passing a harmful healthcare policy opposed by medical professionals when our state is dealing with real issues truly impacting the lives of Hoosiers. We could have come to the Statehouse to address the housing crisis, the teacher and school staff shortage, provide real relief to Hoosiers beyond $200 checks—but Republicans chose to launch an attack on women’s equality and bodily autonomy instead.”