Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) had the following statement after Governor Holcomb’s Wednesday press conference addressing Indiana’s record COVID-19 numbers and Dr. Box’s diagnosis:

“First, let me extend my thoughts and my warmest prayers to Dr. Box and her family. I truly hope that she and her family safely get through their positive diagnoses.

“Unfortunately, what many elected and health officials warned would happen is coming true. Caution is imperative now.

“Indiana is in the midst of an uncontrolled and frightening spread of COVID-19. Yet, this dire situation was completely avoidable.

Just last week, I pleaded with the governor to rethink his drastic reopening before the coronavirus surge worsened even more. Now, we find ourselves with record numbers of COVID-19 cases day after day.

“Governor Holcomb emphasizes social distancing and wearing masks, but there is absolutely no enforcement. He encourages Hoosiers to not attend large gatherings, but yet he has placed no restrictions on such events. His message is inconsistent, and Hoosiers know that he is not serious.

“The governor keeps saying that stopping the spread is up to personal responsibility, yet when folks’ irresponsibility hurts others, the government must act.

“My question is this: What is preventing the governor from putting smart restrictions and enforcement in place to save Hoosier lives? What is he afraid of? Is he truly letting a pending election sway how he responds to a public health crisis?

“Nothing about what the governor’s administration is doing right now is based in science or data. We don’t have much time to act before hospitals are literally overrun or deaths start to skyrocket.

“Hoosiers need a leader right now. We need a mask mandate that is enforced. We need to limit uninhibited gathering and super-spreader events.

“Governor Holcomb, don’t be afraid of the science deniers in your own party. Stick to doing what’s right. Indiana demands that you act now.”