INDIANAPOLIS—On Friday, the Indiana Supreme Court upheld the essence of SEA 1, one of the nation’s most extreme abortion bans. State Senator J.D. Ford released the following statement:

“On the weekend of Independence Day, the Indiana Supreme Court robbed Hoosier women of independence, autonomy and liberty, undermining the very American ideals we should have been celebrating. Today, women across Indiana have lost the right to determine their own future, the right to privacy and the right to govern their own bodies. 

“Women will not be the only ones who suffer because of shortsighted, radical laws like SEA 1—the erosion of healthcare rights for some means an erosion for all. Indiana has doomed itself to an exodus of doctors, nurses and OB-GYNs, all of whom this state needs desperately. Providers will flee Indiana—where their expertise is clearly not respected or welcomed—and all Indiana citizens and families will be left to grapple with a devastating shortage that affects their ability to get even the simplest and most necessary healthcare. Every single citizen should be furious and worried today: the majority has successfully passed legislation that means your privacy, your body is theirs to control if they wish. They’ve passed this legislation over your protests and despite Hoosiers’ wishes— SEA 1’s ramifications will be severe and long-lasting. I stand beside Hoosier women, beside healthcare providers and beside every citizen, regardless of faith or political party, who reject this law and will fight tooth and nail to overturn it.

“I remain hopeful that the RFRA lawsuit will be successful, but the fact remains that every woman should have access to this necessary care and ownership over her own body. I will always fight to ensure the liberty of our citizens.”