INDIANAPOLIS- Yesterday, Governor Eric Holcomb vetoed HB 1041, legislation that would have banned transgender girls from playing K-12 girls’ sports. State Senator J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement in support of the Governor’s veto:

“I want to thank Governor Holcomb for his veto of HB 1041. We agree on many of the reasons why this legislation is unnecessary. The Governor rightly points out that ‘It implies that the goals of consistency and fairness in competitive female sports are not currently being met. I find no evidence to support either claim’. We know from testimony that there has only been one relevant case in Indiana, and that was handled by the IHSAA. Governor Holcomb also rightfully notes that ‘Nowhere in the testimony on this legislation was a critique leveled against their (IHSAA) model on how to govern this.’

We have a system in place to deal with any concerns of unfairness as or if they arise. In the meantime, let’s let kids play sports with their friends.”