INDIANAPOLIS—On Friday, the United States Supreme Court issued their decision in 303 Creative v. Elenis, ruling that a graphic designer could deny services to an LGBTQ+ person due to her “sincerely held conviction.” State Senator J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis) released the following response:

“Today, the Supreme Court greatly weakened Colorado’s anti-discrimination law, signaling its willingness to circumvent state authority and undermine the continued battle for equality in America. I am disappointed but unsurprised by this ruling, which was handed down by a Court that has also stripped rights from women, the labor movement, and minority students. This is yet another decision designed to push LGBTQ+ Americans out of public life and deny them access to services, all in hopes that the community will simply stay silent and sink into the shadows.

“This decision puts the full hypocrisy of the extreme anti-LGBTQ+ movement on display—the Court cried ‘states’ rights’ in Dobbs, but quashed Colorado’s anti-discrimination law without a second thought. This is a dangerous precedent: thanks to this ruling, LGBTQ+ people and other protected classes could now be denied all sorts of services based solely on their sexual orientation. In 303 Creative, the Supreme Court abandoned its duty to protect Americans’ rights and equality and bowed to a fringe movement unwilling to accept diversity in public life. The LGBTQ+ community has always existed, will always exist, and will always deserve the same right to enjoy public goods and services as any American citizen. It is more important than ever for businesses and Hoosiers who support the LGBTQ+ community to be vocal and visible about their support, whether it’s a yard sign, a Pride Flag or a note on a door (just to name a few). I remain firmly and passionately committed to ensuring equal rights for every Hoosier.”