INDIANAPOLIS— Today, the excessive Republican majority voted to pass an extreme near-total ban on abortion. State Senator JD Ford (D-Indianapolis)  issued the following statement following the passage of SB 1:

“I am deeply disappointed that the majority chose to pass Senate Bill (SB) 1. They chose to listen to a special interest group over everyday Hoosiers, who adamantly oppose this cruel bill. The ramifications of this legislation for women are endless, even deadly. That’s not hyperbole—in a state with the 3rd highest maternal mortality rate in the nation, this ban will kill women. The majority are not ending abortions, only safe ones. I firmly believe that abortion care is healthcare and this bill denies a woman bodily autonomy and her right to make her own healthcare decisions.

Furthermore, our healthcare providers, who we lauded as heroes during the height of the pandemic, are now at risk of criminal penalties. Survivors of sexual violence and incest will be required, during one of the most traumatic times of their life, to give a notarized affidavit which will only complicate this tough situation and create more hoops to jump through.  

During testimony, we heard many faith leaders—Christian and non-Christian—speak in adamant opposition to this bill. SB 1 undermines the many religions in Indiana that have diverse thoughts and beliefs on the subject of life and abortion. No one religion should trump another under law. 

 Finally, not one Hoosier genuinely testified in favor of the bill. The people of Indiana are against SB 1 and we should have scrapped the bill in the Senate. Unfortunately, we did not, and I encourage Hoosiers to reach out to their State Representative and the Governor’s office to make your voice heard. I sincerely hope the bill dies in the House.”