INDIANAPOLIS ─ Last Thursday, Senate Bill (SB) 169 was signed into law by the governor. The bill, authored by State Senator J.D. Ford (D─Indianapolis), requires housing with services establishments, the legal classification for assisted living facilities, to publicize specific information about the care they provide for residents with Alzheimer’s and other causes of dementia. The information will be made public through the Indiana Division of Aging and will take effect on July 1 of this year.

Sen. J.D. Ford had the following comments on his proposal being signed into law:

“SB 169 will lift a tremendous weight off the shoulders of folks in my district and across Indiana who struggle with finding the right place for their loved ones to be cared for. This law adds a level of transparency that has been missing, allowing families to access useful information that helps them make the best decisions for their loved ones,” Sen. Ford said. “Under SB 169, we have made it far easier for families to compare the benefits of different assisted living facilities, and that is something the legislature should be proud of.

“I am grateful to see this bill signed into law. I want to thank the constituent who brought this legislation to me, Sen. Charbonneau for his support in getting this bill across the finish line and Governor Holcomb for signing this proposal into law.”