HIGHLAND—With gas prices at an average of $5 nationwide and soaring higher in Northwest Indiana, State Senator Michael Griffin (D-Highland) has called on Governor Eric Holcomb to suspend the gas tax. 

“While I am most appreciative of the Governor’s attention to inflation relief, I fear that a $225 refund will prove insufficient for many Hoosiers in the long run.” Griffin said. “This additional money would only buy about 2.5 tanks of gas at Lake County’s highest price, and less than that for most trucks. The fact is, with costs of goods and services rising across the board, this will amount to nickels and dimes for struggling families. Pausing the gas tax would provide real, sustained relief for millions.”

Griffin continued, “Indiana can provide relief to Hoosiers while retaining billions in surplus and without touching ongoing budget requirements. Really. This moment also serves as a chance for reflection and reevaluation. Even before the recent spike in inflation, Hoosier families were struggling as the state sat on billions in taxpayer money and federal funding, most in excess of our reserve requirements. Hoarding is not a viable economic strategy or model fiscal management—true public resource stewardship means investing in Hoosiers by cutting everyday costs of things like education, healthcare and childcare so they can weather tough times like these. Taxpayer refunds, while somewhat helpful, are transitory. I fear they offer a seemingly attractive measure but will offer no long term satisfaction. I hope we as Legislators will focus on solving the roots of the issue in the upcoming special session and find a budget that works for all Hoosiers, rather than state coffers.”