May 4 marks the beginning of Teacher Appreciation Week. Our teachers work hard each day to ensure our children receive the education they need to be successful. Teachers are not only educators, they are friends, advocates and role models for our children and our communities. Teachers are vital members of our communities. Now that schools are closed due to the pandemic and parents are attempting to keep up with “e-learning” days, we are aware now more than ever of the significant role that teachers play.

Our teachers are going to have an uphill battle ahead of them once school resumes. We owe it to our educators to give them all the support they need. The state of Indiana needs to support teachers once schools re-open. We cannot afford to leave local school districts to fend for themselves.

Hoosier teachers deserve the utmost respect in these trying times. As we begin Teacher Appreciation Week, please take the time to thank an educator, urge your elected officials to support Indiana teachers and participate in the Indiana Department of Education’s #IndianaLovesTeachers Social Media Campaign.

And to all the teachers out there, thank you for all your hard work and dedication. Know you are appreciated.