If you have recently lost your employer-provided health insurance as a result of the coronavirus, you can apply for health coverage through Healthcare.gov – but time may be running out.

Both the loss of employer-provided health insurance and a significant change in income are “qualifying events” that allow Hoosiers to sign up for coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) outside of the standard open enrollment period. However, you can only sign up within 60 days of the qualifying event, meaning if you were laid off in early March, you may be nearing the deadline.

According to a recent study from the Kaiser Family Foundation, 27 million people, including nearly half a million Hoosiers, are now eligible for health coverage through the ACA and will become completely uninsured if they do not apply before the 60 day window closes.

Since the Trump Administration has declined to open a special enrollment period for people affected by COVID-19, anyone who has lost their health insurance, and does not sign up now on the federal website,  will not be able to sign up for health coverage under the ACA until the standard open enrollment period—which is sometime in November.

Click here to apply for health coverage and find out more information, including a full list of qualifying events.