The rise and spread of the novel coronavirus has impacted us all. Unfortunately, many Hoosiers have been left struggling to stay safe and stay afloat as this pandemic threatens our health and security.

Indiana Senate Democrats have heard from constituents, essential workers and health care providers from all over the state. We know that there are Hoosiers on the front lines who are working in conditions that go against CDC guidelines. We also recognize that the lack of sufficient personal protective equipment has put health care and essential workers at greater risk. These are serious issues, and our caucus has reached out to the governor urging him to address these safety concerns. 

In addition, 2020 primary elections in other states have shown the need for an updated and comprehensive vote-by-mail system. Voter turnout dropped from 2016 levels in the recent Wisconsin primary, affected in large part because residents were afraid to stand in line at the polls during a pandemic. Many Hoosiers have reached out concerned that Indiana should not follow in other states’ tracks. Hoosiers understandably want to exercise the right to vote while still staying safe.

It is our mission to ensure your struggles are not going unheard or unaddressed.

That’s why we are starting a new campaign to share the stories of Hoosiers who have been impacted. If you are a front line worker, a voter concerned about voting efficiency, a Hoosier out of work, a health care provider wanting to share your story, please send them our way. 

Email your testimony, a quote or a story to [email protected] along with a picture, if you wish, and help us elevate your voice.

We want to use these stories to make sure the concerns, struggles and voices of everyday Hoosiers are being heard and addressed during and after this pandemic.

Work Safe. Vote Safe. Live Safe

Your voice matters!