On Monday, State Senator J.D. Ford (D-Indianapolis) offered an amendment to House Bill (HB) 1207 that would cap the amount someone must pay for insulin at $100 per month. Sen. Ford’s amendment failed with a vote of 13-36.

“Hoosiers are dying because they cannot afford insulin,” Sen. Ford said. “Both parties in the legislature know that health care prices are too high. We all know that the prices of life-saving drugs are too high. Yet, when it comes down to vote on a proposal that would actually give Hoosiers affordable insulin, we can’t get it done? What am I supposed to tell my constituents who cannot afford insulin? We can talk all we want about getting Hoosiers affordable health care, but we have to show this commitment with our votes.”

Sen. Ford also offered an amendment to HB 1207 that would require insurance plans in Indiana to cover the cost of epi-pens for minors, but this proposal was also voted down. These amendments come after other Democratic proposals to lower drug prices in the Senate and House of Representatives were defeated by Republicans.