On Thursday, the Supreme Court rejected the Trump administration’s attempt to end legal protections for DACA recipients in a 5-4 ruling. Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) applauded the decision as a stop to an illegal action by the president’s administration. While leading the Indiana Senate Latino Roundtable, Sen. Lanane has supported multiple pieces of legislation supporting the state’s Hispanic communities, especially policies supporting undocumented Hoosier immigrants.

“We should welcome people of all colors and backgrounds in this state,” Sen. Lanane said. “DACA has benefited nearly 10,000 Hoosiers in their goals for work and education. Even broader, DACA has positively affected everyone in Indiana; Dreamers constantly contribute to every aspect our state. They support their local communities, they study in our universities and they pay taxes to support our government services.

“DACA recipients are just like you and me, and Indiana would not be the state it is today without a diverse and resolute population. The Trump administration attempted to illegally and abruptly end DACA, and I am so happy that the Supreme Court officially put a stop to this program’s demise.”