INDIANAPOLIS—On Monday Senate Bill (SB) 276 was approved out of the Senate with a vote of 46-3. The proposal, authored by State Senator Tim Lanane (D-Anderson), would allow guardians to make certain arrangements and decisions regarding the deposition of a protected person’s body upon their passing. Sen. Lanane had the following remarks on the passage of his bill:

“SB 276 is a common sense proposal that’s supported by the Funeral Directors Association, and I’m glad it’s receiving bipartisan support and advancing in the Statehouse,” Sen. Lanane said. “Indiana has nearly 8,000 adult guardianships—the majority of which have been established for adults 65 and older. This age group makes up the largest percentage of persons who live in long term nursing homes and have also passed from contracting COVID-19. In too many of these cases, guardians have struggled to assure that the person they have served is buried with dignity and expediency.

“When there is a loss, it’s important that we try to limit hurdles that make it difficult for guardians to make important arrangements on behalf of the persons they protect.

“My bill would simply authorize guardians, for the first time in Indiana, to continue fulfilling their duty to a protected person and make necessary arrangements for them after death without facing roadblocks. This is something we need in place to ensure protected persons, who do not have an able or willing relative, can legally have their affairs handled by the same guardian that looked after them in life.”

SB 276 will now move to the House of Representatives for further consideration.