INDIANAPOLIS – Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) had the following statement to the governor’s announcement to delay Indiana’s primary election day until June 2:

“It’s disappointing that this pandemic has forced us to have to move our quickly-approaching primary election. However, I’m glad our state could come to a bipartisan agreement on what to do. It’s clear that we must protect our constitutional right to vote while ensuring the health and security of voters, poll workers and election officials are top priorities during this outbreak.

“Now that we have an extra four weeks before our primary, I would hope we use this time to make mail-in voting a more comprehensive and viable option for Hoosiers. The state needs to encourage voters to take this option during the election and remove all existing barriers to exercising this right. Let’s educate Indiana residents on the overwhelming safety and convenience of mail-in voting. Any Hoosier that wants a mail-in ballot should get one, no questions asked.”