INDIANAPOLIS – With COVID-19 cases soaring to astronomical amounts compared to the state’s first outbreak in April, State Senator Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) again questioned the governor’s lack of a true statewide strategy to battle the outbreaks.

“Once again, there’s a whole lot of talk coming from the governor’s office, but I’m not seeing the actions necessary to really get a hold of this massive outbreak,” Sen. Lanane said. “There seems to be a complete denial that the quick escalation in positive cases is a statewide problem.

“Governor Holcomb, even when announcing his new restrictions, claims that the state is looking at the response in individual counties. Unfortunately, this is clearly a statewide issue, requiring a comprehensive and serious statewide strategy. The governor’s own online COVID-19 map proves that the vast majority of counties are showing high risks of spread. All but five counties are orange or red.

“The ‘county-by-county’ approach has failed, and record cases and hospitalizations prove that fact. Governor Holcomb is bent on simply educating people on how to stop the spread. Even his new executive order only recommends how agencies should enforce restrictions. Yet, we have seen over the past few months that when mandates and restrictions are not enforced, Hoosiers don’t listen.

“The governor needs to decisively act instead of sitting on his hands. The lack of leadership from his office is palpable. Legislators are running around the statehouse without masks. During a dangerous pandemic, his own AG is wasting taxpayer dollars on a phony election lawsuit in Pennsylvania. Hospitals are being overrun with more and more Hoosiers sick with COVID-19.

“I am frustrated that I have had to continuously ask over and over again when Governor Holcomb will step up and show effective governance during this trying time. So again, I urge the governor to stop worrying about the fringe right wing of his party and take firm, decisive action. I can guarantee you this: Democrats at the statehouse are ready to serve and ready to lead.”