On Wednesday, amidst growing concern over the COVID-19 virus and its new designation as a global pandemic, Senate Democratic Leader sent a letter to Governor Holcomb and all General Assembly caucus leaders seeking clarification on the next steps the state will take to combat the virus.

“As legislators, our constituents are looking to us to answer questions and alleviate fears,” Sen. Lanane said. “I want to make sure that the governor shares any and all plans that the state has to stop further spread of this pandemic in Indiana. The public deserves to have up-to-date information on how Indiana will address vulnerable populations and other situations that could allow the virus to propagate further. They deserve to know we have the public health resources to treat any Hoosiers who are infected. I look forward to working with the governor and the other caucus leaders as we all tackle this pandemic together.”

Sen. Lanane’s letter can be found here.