On Wednesday, the General Assembly adjourned for the final time in the 2020 legislative session. Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) gave the following comments upon adjournment of the Senate:

“My colleagues in the Democratic caucus worked hard this session. Even though we had only a few months to legislate, I’m proud of our efforts to listen to constituents and push for proposals that can actually benefit everyday working Hoosiers.

“The Democrats fought for victories on behalf of the people of our state. We passed mandatory lead testing of the water in our schools, increased the effectiveness of advocate programs for seniors and expanded health care coverage for our children. Unfortunately, the supermajority was intent on blocking other efforts to help Hoosier families.

“Just because this wasn’t a budget session, didn’t mean that the General Assembly couldn’t have come together to pass some transformative legislation. What’s the result of this inaction? Our teachers: ignored. Pregnant workers: disregarded. The 22,000 Hoosiers arrested for marijuana possession: prosecuted. Hoosiers dying because they can’t afford insulin: discounted.

“The Republican supermajority voted more than three times to defeat teacher pay raises. They also dug in on putting Hoosiers in jail for marijuana possession despite it being legal in some form in 33 other states. Republicans voted against capping insulin costs, reasonable workplace accommodations for pregnant workers, providing Epi-Pens at no cost to minors, common sense gun safety measures and expanding voting times for Hoosiers. Instead, the Republicans spent their limited time during the short session killing any increase in workers’ compensation benefits, overruling the votes of local city councils and defeating efforts to provide oversight to virtual charter schools despite the recent news they defrauded tax payers of $86 million.

“I can tell you this: Senate Democrats will never stop fighting for working Hoosiers. We will never stop looking out for those who feel like they’ve been left behind by those in power. We’ll never stop fighting for our state’s most vulnerable residents. This caucus will return next session determined to make sure that Hoosiers still have a voice in their state government.”