Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) had the following comments over Indiana’s concerning COVID-19 case numbers and lack of mask wearing across the state:

“Dr. Box is right to express concerns over these trends. The weekly positivity rate continues to rise! And more Hoosiers are being hospitalized. People continue to ignore social distancing, mass-gathering restrictions and most of all, mask wearing. The governor’s wishy-washy approach to all this needs to stop.

“When you issue a ‘mandate’ and immediately tell the public you have no intention of enforcing it, then of course the public will doubt its seriousness. Folks will ignore a fake mandate no matter how much you say, ‘Now, we really mean it. We are really serious.’

“This is especially true when federal leaders have constantly undermined these important means to stop the spread. The governor needs to make it clear that officials do intend on enforcing the mask and crowd limitation requirements – not by putting ordinary citizens in jail, but by making sure those who intentionally flaunt the law will face the possibility of fines and court costs.”