During Governor Holcomb’s Wednesday press conference, Dr. Dan Rusyniak, chief medical officer for FSSA, announced that the state will begin reporting facility specific COVID-19 data for long-term care centers. Members of the media have asked for this information since the beginning of the pandemic, and Democratic members of the Senate Health Committee sent a letter to the governor urging the reporting of this data and proposing legislation to add such a requirement to state statute. Senate Minority Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) had the following statement to the state’s promise to report this facility data:

“I want to thank all those who put pressure on the governor and the state to get this data available to the public. Our media outlets didn’t let this important issue die down. And, our own Democratic Senators on the Health Committee showed great leadership in their call to require the state to collect and publish this information.

“Frankly, it took far too long for the state to do what the majority of other states have already been doing. Now that the promise has been made to release this data, we won’t be completely satisfied until we see the entirety of the public dashboard published online. Hoosier families are counting on this information to be released as soon as possible.”