INDIANAPOLIS – Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) responded to the Senate vote to override the governor’s veto of the tenant-landlord bill Senate Enrolled Act (SEA) 148:

“When Hoosiers go to the polls, they expect their vote to count. The ‘big brother’ state government should not be passing laws to overturn what local governments are successfully achieving for their communities. When state legislators step in and undo the will of people and their local officials, that is the government telling ordinary citizens that it knows better.

“When he vetoed this bill last year, Governor Holcomb spoke of how the language was too abroad and prevented local control over landlord and tenant relationships. He also recognized that a public health emergency was the absolute worst time to allow such a law to go in effect. Yet, here we are, still dealing with a pandemic, and the supermajority wants to throw renter protections right out the window.

“We all know that the language in this bill was a retaliation to Indianapolis’ locally passed renter protections. If state legislators are concerned with the local policies of cities across the state, they are more than welcome to run for city council in their towns.”