INDIANAPOLIS ─ Today, State Senator Jean Breaux (D─Indianapolis) issued a statement following the announcement that postpartum Medicaid coverage in Indiana would be extended from two months to one year.

“Just a few weeks ago, I sent a letter to the governor imploring his administration to take this step. I let Governor Holcomb know that I supported the recommendations of his own Department of Health that Medicaid be extended for new mothers from two months to one year. This change will significantly improve maternal health outcomes. In Indiana, 86% of pregnancy-associated deaths occurred postpartum, including 37% after 6 weeks.

“This change in policy, which was made possible by the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan, will save lives, especially in the communities I serve. I want to say thank you to Governor Holcomb for protecting the health of new mothers.”

Sen. Breaux’s full letter to Governor Holcomb can be found here.