Indianapolis—On Tuesday, the Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) issued two orders. The first order waives the application for transfer of ownership and approves proposed transfer of ownership interests in Casino owner’s license. The second order approves the settlement agreement and release between the Commission and Roderick Radcliff, a substantial indirect owner of Spectacle. Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Eddie Melton (D-Gary) released the following statement on the two orders:

“I’m happy that the Indiana Gaming Commission issued today’s orders that would allow the new Hard Rock casino to open in a timely manner,” Sen. Melton said. “I was initially concerned by the reports of a potential delay of the casino opening, and the economic impact that it would have on the community and the workers who are dependent on the timely opening of the Hard Rock. Because of those concerns, I introduced an amendment to Senate Bill 390 in our last Senate Appropriations Committee meeting that sparked a lot of interest in the gaming industry. The language I passed would have allowed the IGC to temporarily allow a trustee to authorize gambling operations with a casino in specific circumstances. 

“After I had several weeks of discussion with representatives of Spectacle and Hard Rock, I was pleased with the progress they were making on the issues that were delaying the IGC’s approval. That’s why, on the senate floor, I chose to take the amendment out in good faith that the two parties would reach an agreement. So I’m very pleased that Spectacle and Hard Rock reached an agreement and moved things forward. This is a very important project to my district and to our state, I look forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders.”