INDIANAPOLIS—On Monday, Vice President Kamala Harris joined Indiana Statehouse Democrats to discuss the fight for women’s reproductive rights as the Indiana supermajority moves toward a total abortion ban. Senate Assistant Democratic Leader Eddie Melton (D-Gary) released the following statement:

“I’m incredibly grateful that Vice President Kamala Harris was able to join us today as we gear up to fight for women’s reproductive rights amid the supermajority’s proposed ban. Her presence is greatly appreciated by Hoosiers as we work to bring awareness to the unpopular ban being pushed in our state.

“As a member of both the Rules and Legislative Procedures Committee and the Health and Provider Services Committee, I was always prepared to be at the forefront of fighting for women’s continued access to abortion care. Over the last several weeks, my caucus has had ongoing conversations with experts, heard from doctors and spoken to advocacy groups who have made it clear that restricting abortion is dangerous. A total abortion ban will increase deadly outcomes for pregnant women across the board, and especially for young girls and women with health complications or conditions.

“The abortion ban being proposed by the supermajority is not supported by the people of Indiana and it is not recommended by health experts, who have been vocal about their opposition to this policy. This Special Legislative Session is officially underway, and I will be fighting for women, I will be fighting for science and I will be fighting for health care access, which is what the people of Indiana want.”