INDIANAPOLIS—On Thursday, the Senate Appropriations Committee will be hearing legislation concerning the transition of the Gary Community School Corporation back to local control.

WHAT: Committee Hearing for SB 327 (Sen. Mishler) and Presentation of SB 436 (Sen. Melton)

WHEN: Thursday, February 2; 9:30 A.M.

WHERE: Senate Appropriations Committee

Senator Eddie Melton released the following statement:

“I want to thank the members of the Gary community who have reached out to speak to Senator Mishler and myself about the Gary Community School Corp. transitioning back to local control. We are thankfully approaching the end of the distressed status, and it’s important that we have a governing structure in place to make the smoothest transition back to a local governing body and identify a superintendent. Both proposals seek to accomplish that goal. Though Sen. Mishler and I have different philosophies on local governance, conversations are ongoing between us to find the best solutions and path forward. 

“The ultimate goal is to promote the success of our students and schools, and we are working hard to get that done. With the financial gains that Gary Community School Corp. has made, it’s time to pivot and focus on academic improvements. It’s critical that we get legislation passed that allows the community to play a key role in leading that effort. Solving this issue will bring stability back to the district and community, and I look forward to continuing to work on this critical legislation with Sen. Mishler.

SB 436 would do several things:

  • End the Gary Community School Corporation’s status as a distressed subdivision
  • Require members of the governing body to be elected at the Nov. 7 general election
  • Require the governing body to select a superintendent 
  • Mandates the governing body to notify the Mayor and the public when selling property owned by the school corporation
  • Requires the state to forgive the corporation’s Common School Fund loans