INDIANAPOLIS─Today, State Senator Frank Mrvan, Jr. (D-Hammond) proposed Amendment #35 to Indiana’s budget, House Bill 1001. The amendment instructs the Indiana Department of Education to study the available federal funding available to help hire high school counselors. The amendment instructs the department to specifically find funding for counselors who provide career counseling and planning for technical or vocational training paths.

Sen. Mrvan gave the following statement after his amendment was approved with unanimous support:

“Our budget must prioritize supporting our Hoosier students, including when they are making career and education decisions for life after high school,” Sen. Mrvan said. “Today, I proposed an amendment to the budget which will help our schools secure more funding for counselors. Our schools have far too few counselors, and counselors play a significant role in helping students stay on track, make academic improvements, apply for scholarships and make career decisions.”