Mrvan excuse-free absentee voting bill approved by Senate

INDIANAPOLIS—On Monday, a proposal authored by State Senator Frank Mrvan (D-Hammond) which allows Indiana voters to vote by absentee ballot without an excuse, as previously required, was been approved by the Senate by a vote of 39-10. “Expanding voter access will allow Hoosier voices to be heard,” Sen. Mrvan said. “This bill would do just that, [...]

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Lanane comments on deeply unpopular D.C. Republican tax plan

INDIANAPOLIS–Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) issued the following statement after the United States Congress approved a deeply unpopular tax overhaul bill earlier today. “I am dismayed that D.C. Republicans used their tax bill to raise costs on everyday Hoosiers while issuing permanent tax breaks to the wealthiest in our state. I cannot support a [...]

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Senator Lanane addresses departure of Judge Bonaventura from Department of Child Services

INDIANAPOLIS—Today, Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) issued the following comments regarding the announced resignation of Judge Mary Beth Bonaventura as the director of the Department of Child Services. “I am deeply disturbed by the resignation of Judge Bonaventura and the circumstances she has identified as the cause of her departure. The judge has been [...]

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Senate Democrats announce 2018 session agenda

INDIANAPOLIS—On Thursday, Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) and members of the Indiana Senate Democratic Caucus presented their legislative priorities for the 2018 session. The Senate Democrats’ INvision 20/20 plan sets caucus goals to reach by 2020. These goals were developed by listening to Hoosiers across the state who feel disconnected from their state government. [...]

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Trump’s “unworkable” executive order newest effort to destabilize health care markets

Since the start of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the expansion of Medicaid through the HIP 2.0 program, over half a million Hoosiers have gained access to affordable, comprehensive health care coverage. This lowered Indiana’s uninsured rate to just eight percent. Unfortunately, President Trump and his administration have put it all at risk by [...]

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Niezgodski: Donald Trump’s broken promises costing Indiana jobs

Donald Trump is doing to America what Mike Pence did to Indiana, and it's costing us job after job after job. During his tenure as Governor, Mike Pence financially rewarded nearly a dozen companies that fired employees in Indiana and sent those jobs overseas. I've spent a decade representing my community in the Indiana state [...]

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Op-Ed: Making the Case, Again, for Hate Crimes Legislation

Op-Ed: Making the Case, Again, for Hate Crimes Legislation By State Senator Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) Word Count: 781 Events in Charlottesville this past weekend have finally alerted my colleagues in the legislature, as well as Governor Holcomb, to the possibility that hate crimes legislation is needed in Indiana. For the past five years, I have [...]

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Lanane: Trump’s lack of moral leadership makes Indiana hate crimes law a priority

INDIANAPOLIS – Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) issued the following statement after Speaker of the House Brian Bosma (R-Indianapolis) called for the state’s first hate crimes law following the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia. “The events that occurred this past weekend in Charlottesville were shocking and tragic. What was even more tragic was the [...]

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Lanane: U.S. Senate health care debate could be disastrous for Hoosiers

INDIANAPOLIS – Senate Democratic Leader Tim Lanane (D-Anderson) issued the following statement after the United States Senate voted on a motion to proceed and debate amendments on the Better Care Reconciliation Act.  “Governor Holcomb wrote an inconsistent letter to Hoosiers stating he supports the HIP 2.0 expansion while fully supporting the repeal and replacement of [...]

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