Last week, State Senator David Niezgodski’s (D-South Bend) landmark healthcare provision expanding coverage for children with PANDAS/PANS was signed into law by the governor. Sen. Niezgodski amended House Enrolled Act (HEA) 1372 to require all health insurance plans in Indiana to cover treatment for this devastating disease.

“I am overjoyed that all our hard work on this issue has finally paid off,” Sen. Niezgodski said. “This will make all the difference in the lives of the countless Hoosier children and their families who are affected by PANDAS and PANS.”

Children with PANDAS/PANS can exhibit sudden, Tourette-like changes in behavior. Because of these strange symptoms, this disease is often misdiagnosed, but if treated quickly enough, PANDAS/PANS can be completely reversed. The issue is, without insurance coverage, these treatments can cost upwards of $25,000, forcing families to choose between paying their bills and the health of their children – leaving these treatments out of reach entirely.

“Before this law, a family whose child was diagnosed with PANDAS/PANS was suddenly thrown into a situation where they could end up buried in debt or even losing their homes. HEA 1372 is a much-needed weight off the shoulders of countless families in Indiana,” Sen. Niezgodski said. “I couldn’t have done this all on my own. I’m continuously thankful for all the support from the families who shared their stories and the legislators from both sides of the aisle who came together to support this law.”