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All bills that have been approved by both chambers now await a signature on the desk of Governor Eric Holcomb. This week, vote on whether or not the governor should sign these enrolled acts into law. View SEA 404

Should the governor sign SEA 404, requiring a pregnant minor to obtain written consent from a parent or legal guardian before undergoing an abortion, including cases when a minor must seek permission from an estranged parent?

Constituent Yays: 176

Constituent Nays: 404

The Governor signed the bill.

Should the governor sign SEA 309, forbidding new net metering in Indiana in five years, putting a hard limit on those who benefit from net metering in those five years, and reduce the reimbursement rate from utilities for consumers who sell their unused electricity back to the grid?
View SEA 30

Constituent Yays: 78

Constituent Nays: 502

The Governor signed the bill.