CHESTERTON—On Thursday, the Indiana Supreme Court released a decision upholding the bulk of Indiana’s abortion ban, SEA 1. State Senator Rodney Pol (D-Chesterton) released the following statement:

“I am incredibly disappointed that Indiana’s Supreme Court has allowed SEA 1 to stand. This ruling is going to have incredibly adverse effects on women, increase Indiana’s abysmal maternal mortality rates and drive healthcare providers out of Indiana. I’m also deeply worried about the precedent set by this ruling—this decision affirms the government’s right to pass sweeping, hyper-intrusive legislation concerning the bodies and lives of individual citizens. If the state is allowed to make a decision this personal and private on behalf of Hoosiers, I don’t know where its authority over us ends. This ruling and this law undermine the core ideals of bodily autonomy, freedom and privacy that Hoosiers hold dear. I’ll continue to work for an Indiana where all citizens are guaranteed liberty and the right to self-determination.”