INDIANAPOLIS- A recent report from CBS 4 in Indianapolis found that the Bureau for Motor Vehicles has been selling Hoosiers’ personal information for years. According to the report, BMV has made $43 million since 2018 from sales to tow companies, insurance agents, automotive dealers, bail bondsmen, private investigators and more. This access is said to include driver’s license numbers, title and registrations and the number points on a driver’s license, among other personal data. State Senator Rodney Pol (D-Chesterton) released the following statement:

“With growing cybersecurity threats across the country, Hoosiers rightfully feel unsafe about the status of their personal information. It’s unacceptable that they should have to worry about big government willingly selling that personal information without their knowledge. I will be looking into legislative options to prohibit the BMV from selling personal information to private companies and individuals. It should be common sense that the government should never profit from violating Hoosiers’ right to privacy.”