INDIANAPOLIS—Yesterday, the Indiana Senate considered an amendment to decriminalize cannabis in our state. The amendment was voted down on a near party-line vote of 36 to 11. Senator Rodney Pol (D-Chesterton) released the following statement:

“The Senate Democratic Caucus has clearly listened to the nearly 90% of Hoosiers that want cannabis legalized in some form in our state. I proudly presented an amendment that did just that for Hoosiers over the age of 21. Unfortunately, it was voted down largely along party lines with only one Senate Republican voting in favor.

“Multiple studies tell us that the states that have enacted decriminalization and regulation laws have seen a reduction in crime and overdoses. While nearly 40 other states are creating industries and jobs and using hundreds of millions in cannabis tax revenue on schools, mental health, crime prevention and drug recovery programs, Indiana is spending millions on policing, prosecuting and holding our communities back. It’s past time for this Legislature to listen to the vast majority of its constituents and make progress on cannabis reform.”