INDIANAPOLIS—On Wednesday, State Senator Fady Qaddoura’s (D-Indianapolis) SEA 438, a study of home health care and possibilities for expansion, was ceremonially signed by the Governor. Qaddoura offered the following statement:

“We know that across Indiana, the demands for home health care services simply aren’t being met, especially for children with complex health conditions. Hoosiers deserve high-quality care and dignity, whether they’re trying to age in-home or trying to live their day-to-day lives with a disability or chronic illness. We also know that wages for home health aides are very low in Indiana, with an average of about $22,500—this leads to high turnover in a system that needs consistency and stability. SEA 438 is going to reveal gaps in care, identify barriers to finding home health aides and help the General Assembly create long-term solutions to this persistent problem. I give my sincere thanks to the Governor, my colleagues in the Legislature, to my fellow healthcare advocates and to the families and individuals who inspired this bill.”