INDIANAPOLIS—On Friday, State Senator Fady Qaddoura (D-Indianapolis) called on the Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County to withdraw their case, HHC of Marion County v. Talevski, scheduled to be heard before the United States Supreme Court on November 8. The case could strip millions of Americans of their right to pursue private lawsuits over federal safety net programs.

Senator Qaddoura, who authored legislation during the 2022 session to strengthen regulations and oversight in nursing homes, released the following statement:

“The pursuit of HHC of Marion County v. Talevski has the potential to strip millions of vulnerable Americans of critical legal protections when their rights are violated,” Sen. Qaddoura said. “For that reason, I call on the Health and Hospital Corporation to withdraw their suit. As should any citizen, the poor, elderly and disabled should have the right to protect themselves against negligence and abuse by seeking justice through the state and federal judicial system.

“In 2022, I introduced Senate Bill 405 to bring more transparency, accountability and quality to Indiana’s nursing home industry, which is one of the most expensive in the nation and one of the worst when it comes to quality and services. The nursing home industry can’t police itself as evidenced by federal prosecutions of negligent nursing home operators.

“I will continue to champion legislation to reform Indiana’s nursing home industry, including disclosing to the public the salaries of county hospitals’ CEOs, who in some instances earn millions of dollars in compensation as a reward for diverting nursing home funds to their hospital’s budgets. We should be working to better regulate nursing homes rather than eliminating a pathway to justice for patients who are mistreated in one of these facilities.”