INDIANAPOLIS—Over the past 24 hours, the Senate advanced SB 1, SB 2 and SB 3. The purpose of SB 1 is to restrict reproductive care, while Senate Bills 2 and 3 attempt to aid Hoosier families that are struggling financially. State Senator Fady Qaddoura (D-Indianapolis), offered the following response:

“I’m disappointed that Senate Republicans rejected my common sense, pro-family investments, including:  $1 billion for K-12 to address the teacher shortage, $250 million for mental health, $250 million for maternal and infant health, $250 million for public health and $250 million to expand pre-K.”

“Indiana ranks near the bottom nationwide in support for all of these categories even though they are key determinants of maternal health and safety, as well as overall Hoosier wellbeing. Indiana’s government is not equipped to handle the aftermath of SB 1. Experts have testified about OBGYN deserts, childcare deserts, poor public health infrastructure, and severe lack of access to mental health services for expecting mothers. I was also extremely disappointed that Republicans rejected $1 billion to address the crisis in attracting and retaining K-12 teachers before the beginning of this school year, as well as $400 checks for struggling Hoosiers and $800 for joint filers. Why bring legislators back to a special session to deal with crises confronting Hoosiers if they are not willing to listen to Hoosiers? I will continue to work tirelessly to serve all Hoosier families to improve their quality of life. Indiana cannot afford reluctant leadership.”