“Governor Holcomb’s agenda for the upcoming session and budget offers several opportunities for bipartisanship on policies that Democrats have championed for over two decades such as public health, free textbooks for Hoosier students, expanding trails and combating climate change. I intend to support the governor and work collaboratively with my colleagues to pass these policies.”

“However, the Governor missed an opportunity to make bold and strategic investments to address several chronic crises confronting Hoosier families. By prioritizing paying $1.25 billion in cash payments for capital projects, including $800 million to renovate a state prison, his budget proposal divests hundreds of millions from creating a high quality statewide childcare system, fully funding pre-K and K-12 education, and addressing the brain drain crisis. The proposed budget also fails to fund certified community behavioral health clinics or the new 988 system, does not reduce regressive taxes, does not provide a solution to the lack of affordable housing, and does not send money back to local communities to improve their local roads and reduce violent crimes.”

“As a fiscally responsible legislator, I will work tirelessly and in a bipartisanship fashion to pass a balanced budget while advocating for making significant and strategic investments in education, affordable housing, public and mental health, public safety, and local infrastructure.”