INDIANAPOLIS—Today, the budget bill passed 3rd reading in the Senate with a vote of 40-10. State Senator Lonnie M. Randolph (D-East Chicago) released the following statement:

”Unfortunately, HB 1001 continues to fall short of what we’re capable of providing to the residents of Indiana. It continues to underfund mental and public health, even on the heels of a pandemic, and now we’re allowing charter schools to take dollars away from traditional public schools—which are already underfunded.

“I’m also disappointed that only two amendments from my caucus were accepted into HB 1001 on second reading. Every one of the amendments I introduced was voted down. Unless this budget improves to provide adequate support for critical items like education, public health, the 13th check and increased tax credits for teachers buying their own supplies—which we can more than afford—I will not be able to support HB 1001 in good conscience.”