INDIANAPOLIS — Today, Senate Bill (SB) 336 passed through the Senate and will now either be signed into law or vetoed by Governor Holcomb. State Senator Karen Tallian (D—Ogden Dunes) released the following statement on the bill’s impact on the people of LaPorte and Porter counties:

“This bill cuts personal property taxes for businesses. The loss goes solely to the county,” Sen. Tallian explained. “As a result, the county must do one of three things: sustain the loss, shift the loss to homeowners and property owners, or raise local income taxes to make up for the loss.

“If SB 336 is signed into law, LaPorte County is estimated to lose $154,000 in annual revenue, and Porter County will lose approximately $104,000 in annual revenue.

“Everyday working people should not take a tax hike to sustain a tax cut for business.”