INDIANAPOLIS – On Wednesday, an Indianapolis police officer fatally shot black resident, Sean Reed, prompting protests from community members. State Senator Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis), a member of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus, was heartbroken at the news of another black Hoosier shot in Indianapolis.

“Blood is crying out from the streets for justice,” Sen. Breaux said. “While the details surrounding this most recent officer-involved shooting are still unclear, what is well-established and clearly known is that another African-American has died at the hands of someone whose oath is to protect and serve.

“In the wake of the tragic shooting of Officer Leath, I, along with so many others, empathize with IMPD and recognize the sacrifices they and their families make every single day, but these shootings must stop. Unnecessary force that results in death must stop. Somewhere in the training and implementation of their duties, something is amiss and awry. Chief Taylor, I implore you to figure this out. I implore you to use every resource, physical and capital, to cease this abomination and stop the killing of young black men of Indianapolis.”