INDIANAPOLIS—Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement celebrating the life of State Senator Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis):

“Senator Breaux was a dear friend, a passionate public servant and a devoted advocate for the people. During her nearly two decades in the Legislature, she was a fierce proponent of quality-of-life policies to make Indiana better for all people.

“She championed improvements to maternal and infant mortality, including advocating for doulas and expanded reproductive health options for all women. Senator Breaux was also a passionate advocate for kidney health, pushing for legislative action and helping to organize annual Statehouse kidney screening days to ensure Hoosiers had resources to understand and track their kidney health. She understood that combatting disparities in healthcare meant comprehensive access to care and worked as our ranking minority committee on the Senate Health Committee for multiple years.

“Senator Breaux was also passionate about improving public safety, addressing educational equity and combatting poverty. During her tenure, she fought for gun safety legislation to ensure the safety of our kids on the street. She advocated for the elimination of school textbook fees for years before we finally saw the initiative passed last year. Senator Breaux also worked to tackle issues surrounding poverty. Whether it was lowering housing costs or championing food desert solutions, uplifting the most vulnerable among us was her mission.

“My caucus is forever thankful for the 18 years of advocacy and passion Senator Breaux brought to the Senate, where she served in various leadership positions, including as our Assistant Minority Leader from 2012 to 2020. Her spirit and legacy will live on in the countless lives she touched.”