INDIANAPOLIS—This week, reports about a ten-year-old girl from Ohio receiving abortion care in Indiana were met with doubts from Republicans before the story was corroborated when the girl’s rapist was arrested. Attorney General Todd Rokita, who was among Republicans that sowed doubt about the story, responded to the story’s confirmation with an announcement that he’s planning an investigation into Dr. Caitlyn Bernard, who performed the procedure.

Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor released the following statement:

“Multiple Hoosiers have reached out to our office in disgust over Attorney General Todd Rokita’s targeted attacks toward Dr. Caitlin Bernard. We share that disgust, and our caucus stands in full support of continued quality healthcare being provided to anyone in need. Rokita’s behavior is embarrassing and shameful, and shows no concern for the rule of law.

“Instead of apologizing for his egregious claim that the story of a child seeking abortion in Indiana was false, our AG has chosen to pivot to baselessly attacking a doctor for doing her job and providing potentially life-saving health care to a child in need. We fervently wish our AG would focus on actually doing his job and leave healthcare to those who went to medical school. ”