INDIANAPOLISThe 2022 Legislative Session has officially begun, and Senate Democratic Leader Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis) filed five proposals this week to address issues impacting Hoosiers. 

Sen. Taylor’s first three proposals are specifically geared toward Hoosier parents and families. Senate Bill (SB) 235 would lower the compulsory age of school attendance from the age of 7 to age 5. His second proposal, SB 234, would create a Child Tax Credit program. The third piece of legislation would address issues with eviction records and would restrict a court from disclosing information related to an eviction action in certain instances.

“Every one of the bills I filed will go a long way toward improving the daily lives of Hoosiers, and I’m happy to be pushing this agenda,” Sen. Taylor said. “By reducing the required age for kindergarten attendance to age 5, we will ensure all of our children receive quality early childhood education.  My Child Tax Credit bill would help get assistance to our families and give them the means to purchase essential items to care for their children. President Biden’s Child Tax Credit halved child povertyI will be advocating for the creation of a Child Tax Credit in our state to demand continued progress for Hoosier families.

“I’m also introducing SB 233 to help address eviction filings in our state. Even evictions that are not pursued by landlords, or a tenant prevails in getting dismissed, go on a person’s record and can permanently affect their ability to find housing. My bill would prohibit the court from releasing information about evictions in these cases so Hoosiers can better find stable homes for themselves and their families. This legislation will help combat homelessness, child hunger and other outcomes we see when Hoosiers are not able to access housing.” 

Sen. Taylor’s other two proposals would address issues in criminal justice. The first, SB 231, would legalize medical cannabis in Indiana. 

“Hoosiers, especially our Veterans living with chronic pain, shouldn’t be forced to move to our neighboring states just so they can receive medical treatment to address issues that medical cannabis has been shown to help with. We demand justice for them now, and that’s why I’m introducing SB 231.”

SB 232 would make it a misdemeanor for a law enforcement officer to knowingly include false or misleading information in a police report.

“Last year, our General Assembly passed a police reform bill with unanimous bipartisan support. I was proud that our entire legislative body was able to come together to approve that critical legislation. I hope we can continue that work this year. My proposal to make it a misdemeanor for law enforcement to falsify police reports is common sense and necessary. Our officers were hired to protect and serve our communitiesany officer who abuses that authority should be penalized. My legislation would help further progress on creating more confidence in law enforcement by all Hoosier communities.”